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Project Dagger is a level based Roguelike where you as the player will journey through 12 total levels across 4 environments as you attempt to return the lost Crown of Benevolence to the King of Delvia. You as the player start with nothing more than a crude club as you fight your way through hordes of enemies, discover armor and weapon chests to unlock new goodies, sacrificial chests to gamble your health in return for rare items. Or leverage the special abilities of your class against the enemies you run up against.


Randomly Generated Randomly generated levels makes every run and every level completely unique and different!
Enemy Variety 15+ different enemies, whether it's a skeleton running into you with a TNT barrel, a one eyed flying demon shooting lasers at you, or just a zombie whose out for your blood there will be a ton of variety.
Weapon Variety 15+ different melee and ranged weapons including quirky and unusual ones to add to your arsenal, each weapon will have it's own utility and fun factor to make annihilating everything in your path satisfying.
Class System 5+ different unlockable classes that add their own utility and make gameplay even more interesting after hundreds of runs.
Level System With 12 levels total per run, across 4 different environments. Project Dagger is sure to make things interesting. Every environment comes with new foes to face off against!
Run Based Gameplay Play through a variety of environments and different times of day against a wide variety of enemies. Each time you go on your quest to return the Crown of Benevolence, your path will be completely different!


Project Dagger began development in December of 2020. After taking part in a Discord game jam. Inspired by games like Delver and Nuclear Throne came a new R0guelike that focused on environmental progression. Project Dagger has gone through many revamps and has had a history within a handful of different genres but overall settled on the original vision of a Roguelike experience.


I am Alex Renard, a 21 year old game developer from Dallas, Texas, I am the solo developer behind Project Dagger and have been doing hobbyist game development for the past 11 years. Originally started on Roblox and switched to Unity in 2015, Project Dagger will be my first commercial release.

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Summer 2022


Alex Renard


Windows, Linux, Mac


$3.99 USD

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Based in Dallas, Texas


Alex Renard

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A hobbyist turned professional game developer based in Dallas, Texas. Stay tuned for more projects coming soon.